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Driver not responding in Valorant...


I am using intel hd 620 drivers .. Valorant was running well 1 month ago but from the  past 3 weeks it has started to crash and it is telling me to update my drivers ... Due to this sometimes laptop also restarts as because of valorant crashing my drivers, and in the device manager I can see the code 43,... (note- code 43 is only displayed when the drivers crash due to Valorant otherwise it is working good)

Before this driver update, or the valorant update ,,Valorant was running well ..CSGO runs well but sometimes there is a fps spike drop which lasts upto 3-4 secs normally I am getting 60 fps... Please fix this driver issue or please suggest me what can I do to fix this.. I even uninstalled the drivers by DDU but the issue dosn't seem to go ..  Down this report I have attached the pics of the issue with the driver and valorant ..

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The game started to work when I installed the latest windows update

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Hello PhantomXx19,

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