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Driver updates required for Premiere Pro - are these the latest versions


Premiere Pro 2021 requires that drivers be updated to "version 100.8476 or later." These are the graphics cards that I have.  Can someone please supply the exact link to update these, if there is one?  If not, can you recommend an updated card that will fit the same socket as these?

My desktop PC (built myself no OEM)

Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 v.


Dell Inspiron Laptop

Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 v.



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For your desktop, the graphics are part of your OLD processor and will not be upgraded.   All you can do is to MAYBE add a graphics card (like an older nvidia card).


for your dell laptop, the latest driver is here:

However, you will need to be at the latest DELL provided driver first.



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Note: Your current graphics driver for Intel HD Graphics 520 is an older, pre-DCH architecture version. You will need to uninstall this driver, reboot and then install the lastest driver (which is a DCH architecture driver). Now, this is problematic because you should really not be using the generic drivers from Intel on laptops. Many vendors customise the graphics drivers to support special features of their laptop. Installing a generic driver from Intel could cause some laptop features to either not work properly or not work at all. This is why Al suggested you contact Dell to find out of this is the case.

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Thanks for your input.  I downloaded the driver, and I also downloaded the original driver for my Dell so I'm presuming that if the new one doesn't work properly I can always uninstall it and install the original one.  As for contacting Dell, that's not possible without paying them for "Hardware Diagnostics".  And when I posted an unrelated question on their "Dell Community" support site a few months ago, the answer I received was that my laptop was no longer under warranty. Useless. The question was not related to anything to do with the warranty.

As for the desktop, it's a Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5 motherboard with these specs:

Compatible Processors Pentium, Celeron, Core i5, Core i3, Core i7
Processor Intel Core i7 4770S - Haswell - Socket 1150 LGA

Is it possible to buy a new processor that will fit that Socket, or do I have to go higher than i7 to be compatible with Premiere's specs?  If that's not possible, when you say an "older" Nividia card, what should I look for?



Is it possible to buy another