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Error OpenGl


Cuando quiero abrir un juego me sale un mensaje que dice "este juego necesita OpenGl version" pero ya tengo el opengl y no sé si se está ejecutando o cual es el problema. mi dispositivo es un Aspire 4750 con un core i5 2430m intel hd graphic 3000. 



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Intel does not support processors this old with Windows 10. They do not provide Windows 10 drivers for Intel HD Graphics 3000. The driver you are using is provided by Microsoft. It is a port of an old Windows 8 driver. As such, it is true that it does not have an up-to-date version of OpenGL. Further, because this driver is not actively being supported by Microsoft, there is no chance of any update being forthcoming. If you want to run more-modern software and games, you will have to stop using the Intel HD Graphics 3000 engine and use some alternative graphics engine. If this is not possible, then your only recourse is to upgrade your entire laptop.
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