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Follow Up to Code 43

@LuisGustav_A_Intel as i cannot reply to posts for some odd reason new Post I am using latest driver! I would also point out i am using Kernel 6.01 and Mesa 22.2.1 and we just will not mention how uselss the ARC A750 is! If i could attach files etc i would be able to show a screen shot with a GTX 1660 passed through successfully to VM but ARC A750 is in error code 43! As i have hinted the actual hardware has issues with displays! as i moved the PC to another desk to have multiple displays and we are not kidding on when it had issues, kernel complained etc had to stop forcing the i915 driver to use arc 750!
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Hello gh975223,

Thank you for posting on Intel communities

I see that you already have an active thread with us. Please continue the support on the original thread to avoid any duplicates. 

I have notified the agent that it was helping you with your request, to contact you over email since you are having issues replying to the thread. You will receive this email to the email address associated with your community profile. He will be contacting you soon!

Best regards,  

Mark S.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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