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GPU Stopped supporting 144Hz after an event occured.


On June 28th I first connected my 144Hz monitor to my laptop's HDMI port which was controlled by the UHD630 GPU, I saw the option for 1920x1080@144Hz instantly, put it on and never changed anything since. Out of nowhere yesterday an event saying "Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9A68&SUBSYS_132E1462&REV_01\3&11583659&1&10 was configured."
happened, and now I can't see the option for 144Hz anywhere, Pixel Clock limit seems to be set at 297MHz now which allows me up to 131Hz with a custom resolution and 120Hz without it. I don't know why or how that happened and would like to have my 144Hz back.

As you can see from the event viewer attachement I tried everything to make it work(e.g Trying older/ newer drivers, deleting the display driver completely and reinstalling) with no succes, causing a whole lot of errors and events that changed nothing. I've also included the SSU report and a screenshot proving that 144Hz was working before and that I'm not just making this up.

This has really ruined my last 2 days where I just got a new game and wanted to play it with the best experience and now it's not possible.



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