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Windows 11 downgrading Intel Xe Drivers


Yesterday my notebook receive a notification to install the new driver for my Intel Xe, driver version

After the update (and reboot), Windows 11 checked for updates and download/install the version


Is the second time that a new driver was released and after the update, Windows 11 downgrade the driver to this version.


Samsung Book 550XDA

Intel Core i5 1135G7

Intel Xe 80 EU

Windows 11 Home Single Language

Last Intel Drivers + Samsung last drivers + Windows 11 updates.

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Yes, Windows likes downgrading the driver.


You can stop this by blocking/hiding the driver windows wants to install.

Also, you should be using the driver provided by your notebook manufacturer.

To block/hide the driver windows update wants to do, use the Microsoft wushowhide utility:


Now, if you want the latest generic driver from Intel:

  • Download and save the wushowhide cab file from the link above.
  • Download and install the latest generic Intel driver.
  • Install the intel driver.
  • Restart your notebook.
  • Run the wushowhide cab file and hide/block 9805

Then, if you really want to, do a windows update.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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