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GPU spikes Intel UHD Graphics 630 / dwm.exe



I am trying to find a solution for an issue I am experiencing. The issue seems to come when "multitasking". Typically having a game up on part of the screen (I have a 49'' ultrawide), while doing other basic stuff (internet browsing, spreadsheets etc) in other windows. And it seems to happend in particular when switching which window that is "active". This makes my computer freeze for a moment, and the system gets laggy. 

From what I see in the task manager what happens is that my GPU 0 (intel UHD Graphics 630) spikes to 100 percent for a a moment of for a short while. These corresponds in time with my system freezing or experiencing lags. Meanwhile my dedicated gpu (Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti) is not particularly much used. The process associated with these spikes seems to be Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe). 

My system:

Dell XPS 15 9570
Setup with a TB16 docking station.
Samsung 49'' monitor 
Windows 10 Pro (10.0.19042)
Intel UHD Graphics 630 (driver:
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (


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