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Getting HD630 to correctly fill 16:9 TV screen.


I have a new Mini PC - an HP EliteDesk 800 65W G3 - which runs an i7 processor and Intel's HD630 integrated graphics. I wish to use my 42" Panasonic Plasma TV as my monitor.

The PC has DisplayPort output and the TV has HDMI (although both also have VGA but I don't want to go there as it required separate sound...). I have used a D-P to HDMI cable to connect them and this worked almost perfectly from the off - crisp picture and sound from the TV. The only issue is that the image is slightly too 'large' for the TV screen; the desktop icons are half hidden off the screen on all 4 sides.

I have tried every permutation of resolution and aspect ratios, but the problem persists. I can get to view the whole image by setting the TV to 4:3, but obviously that provides a much smaller image with huge black bars either side.

My other PC - with a dedicated NVIDIA card - allows me to alter the image size at will, getting the visible image right in to each corner.

What does HD630 have to allow me to correctly fit the TV's screen, please?!


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This is a common event for many that use TV screens as monitors. Sometimes it comes down to the TV itself. Some TVs have a dedicated HDMI input for a feed from a computer HDMI, so see if that is the case for you, or if your TV has a "screen fit" display setting. Otherwise, dig into the Intel graphics options as mentioned here: How to Fix Overscan When Using Your TV as a PC Monitor - Make Tech Easier

FYI, I believe it is not the best (some enthusiasts would be upset) to underscale using the display adjustment as you mention with the NVIDIA controls. Sometimes that actually appends black pixels around the image so that it 'fits' on the screen, effectively losing resolution. I don't really know the specifics on all the different variations of software, and to most of us we wouldn't notice the difference.

Good Luck,



Fab - thank you, E-M.

I'll give that link a good peruse.