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Getting length, width and height of an object


I recently bought a D435 RealSense camera for my project. I need to get length, width and height of an object such as a box. I have attached a sample of image i receive from the camera.

Maximum distance between object and camera is about 1.5 meter and minimum is 0.5 meter. Maximum dimension of the box is 1.5 X 1.5 X1.5 meter and minimum is .10 X 0.10 X 0.10 meter.

I need to:

1- Being able to focus on the object that would be in the center of capturing area

2 - Getting length, width and height of the object in Cm with maximum 1 Cm error


I am using visual studio , C# programming language. I already downloaded SDK and installed it bit i need a point to start to get dimension in my program.

Also is this camera a right choice for this project? or maybe D415 is better?




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