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Graphics Command Center software appears to have been updated today and can no longer control size of screens


Have had issue in past of losing custom size. Has been erratic lasting sometimes 1 day or 10 days. Occured on primary screen mostly but also on 2nd monitor. With update today it will not allow me to control to make a cutom fit. Menu options not all visible on primary screen and not clear they are functioning on either monitor.

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I have continued to investigate to resolved and found a fix. I am not sure of what happend but can only speculate. Graphics Command Center apparently was updated automatically and settings did not carry over for my primary screen.


Issue: Primary monitor display scale is larger than screen size and with an apparent overnight auto 2/15/20 install of Intel Graphics Command Center I can no longer adjust the scale on the primary monitor.



Keeping a set customization for scale has been issue. Setting would periodically be lost on one or both screen periodically (every 1-14 days no pattern identified). Worked with support months ago and "thought" it was resolved but reappeard. Solution was always easy and in past was could always go into Command Center and fix. As of 2/15/20 it would no longer allow me to adjust the primary screen and only dispays 3 options [Centered, Stretched, Maintain Aspect Ratio] vs. the normal 5 [+Maintain Display Scaling, Custom]. The Secondary monitor was stillOK and worked as in past but interface slightly different. I started to compare other settings and noted that the refresh rated was 60p on secondary and 59p on primary. I changed the primary refresh rate to 60p on the primary and the Scale then worked as it did in past. I can only assume that some function is based on the refresh rate. Am sure there might be a better technical explanation of what took place, but am fixed for now.


Hopefully this new app will resolve the periodic loss of the scale setting.


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Thank you very much for your feedback as well and also for sharing the solution to this problem, we are sure it will be really helpful and useful for all the peers viewing this thread, we really appreciate you took the time to provide those details.


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