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HD 3000 doesnt update to new even though update completes normally

ok so i have a HP G7 1338dx, has HD 3000, i have the intel update utility and according to it, i have the old ( and it says the new one ( needs to be downloaded and installed, now this happens, it downloads and installs normally, it restarts, however when i check the Intel tray app and go under info, it still displays the old version number ( now i have tried manually downloading said update and installing it, ia have also tried forcing the update through device manager, i even tried uninstalling all drivers cleaning them out then install update, no sucsess, all methods end up displaying old vdriver version number....any ideas here?..or am i missing soimething running Win7 64bit, Proc is a I3 2350m

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You are just another victim of broken Intel Driver update utility. This utility has been broken when it was redesigned into a windows desktop application which happened around Q2/Q3 2014. Since then it keeps false alarming that "your driver is out of date", that's because it's simply incapable to compare driver versions.

Intel drivers have 2 version strings:

- a package version string (installer version);

- driver files version string (appears in Windows Device Manager).

The update utility should compare driver files version strings but in its dumbness it compares the currently installed driver files version string with latest driver package version string which is more than wrong, it's broken logic. That is why it keeps telling you that your driver is out date. The package driver version is always bigger than driver files version (math with version numbers).

This bug is about 7-8 months old already. Will Intel ever fix it. Does it have to pass 1 year which by way it's going to happen by the end of July.


Let me clarify, there are two driver versions here:

  • The package driver version, which includes drivers for multiple operating systems.
  • The actual driver version, reflected by the operating system.

In this case you only need to pay attention at the last four digits, if they are the same you have that version already installed. Graphics Drivers — Understanding The Intel® Graphics Driver Version Number


I was wondering about the exact same thing so I'm glad to know the last version have been installed correctly, anyway one thing is still bothering me: The download page of the driver say that the last update is from 2/5/2015, but when I go in the driver properties on my computer I still see 30/01/2015. Is that normal, and if yes why?


@ Geneosis, When we post the drivers we use the date of the cat files (WHQL) from Microsoft s]as the date of the driver. The properties date is the build date of the driver. Sorry for the confusion. As for the Intel Driver Update Utility issues, we are working to resolve them.