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HDMI Audio is not working !


I am using an Hp Notebook 15-Ay102ne, with Windows 10 64Bit.

I am having issues with the HDMI connection, the sound is not coming from TV, It's coming from the Laptop instead, the Display is although superfine.


I have tried my friend's laptop and the sound and everything is working fine, so it's sure that issue is with my Laptop.

The laptop isn't directing Audio Output to the TV, there is no option of selecting HDMI output in the Sounds Playback section.

I have tried every possible step to resolve the issue but I am out of LUCK


>Have tried re-installing a fresh copy of Windows 10.


>Have tried re-installing the Intel HD Display Driver.


>Updated Windows to the latest version.


>Updated every driver to the latest version.

Hp Support Assistant shows no UPDATES neither does Windows Update.


Please HELP !!!

Pictures attached for reference.




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I hope that you are using the version of the Intel HD Graphics driver that is provided by HP. This driver may have HP modifications to support the laptop design. If it does, I would not be surprised to see issues like this if you are installing the general release of the Intel HD Graphics driver.

If, with the version provided by HP, you are still seeing these issues, you should contact HP Support and report the problem. This way, other HP customers will benefit.