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Higher refresh rate on Intel Graphics

I have a BenQ Monitor that is capable of going up to 144hz@1080p, I also have a Surface laptop with an Intel HD 620 Graphics Chip that has a mini-dp output. I'm using a cable that converts this to a dual link DVI connection to connect to my monitor. In theory everything in this setup should allow me to go up to that refresh rate. However, when I try to set the custom resolution in the Intel Command Centre it says "Unable to add settings: Mode not supported.". Not sure why it is telling me this when I know that this chip is capable of outputting that refresh rate, I don't expect to be playing games at that fps. However, I prefer it because even on the desktop it is much smoother. For anyone asking, I have the latest drivers installed from this link


If anyone knows how to get this working, please let me know. Thanks

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Try: On Desktop -> Right Click -> Display Settings -> (Select the desktop that you want to change the refresh rate) -> Scroll Down to: Advanced Display Settings and click it -> Click: Display Adapter Properties For Display ....


Here you have 3 options to check if works:

  1. On Monitor: Is the refresh rate here.
  2. On Intel HD Graphis Control Panel -> Refresh Rate.
  3. On Adapter tab -> List All Modes: Search if the 144hz is there.

Interesting, I normally use this monitor with my 970 and it works fine at 144hz. I dont know if maybe the cable i'm using isnt actually dual link or perhaps the intel Graphics doesn't support 1080p@144hz but it's modes listed only go up to 120hz at 1024x768.

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Just now I seen technical specifications of hd 620 graphics , I found it supports upto 60Hz


you can see the site