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How do I change which graphic card my EXTERNAL DEVICE uses?




Recently I've had a very specific issue, let me explain;

I have a graphic drawing tablet (Huion GT191V2), that is connected via HDMI to my laptop which has both a Nvidia GTX 1660 TI and an Intel UHD 630 GPU. The tablet works, but the colors are greyed out and dull, but there's a way to fix this. The way to fix it is changing the "quantification range" to "full" instead of "limited" or "default". You can do this on the Nvidia Control Panel via Output Dynamic Range, but it won't work. The only thing that works is changing the quantification range on INTELs graphics command center. The problem; the device (tablet) location is on the GTX 1660 TI. This makes Intel's command center give me an error message that reads "Some features are not supported on non-Intel adapters.", and won't let me change the quantification range.


I hooked the tablet up to my brothers laptop, which also has two GPU's. The ONLY decernable difference was the device location. His was on Intel UHD 630, and everything worked just fine and the tablet got it's colors back. However, I've found no intuitive ways or information about how to actually change the devices location. This is why I turned to this forum. How do I change the location of this device, yet alone how do I access this location? Image showing location


I've tried:

* Updating drivers (both for tablet and for the GPUs)

* Updating BIOS and windows update

* Deleting and reinstalling PnP monitor

* Restarting my laptop (obviously)

* Reinstalling the Intel Graphics Command Center

* Browse for custom drivers in device manager

* Run SFC scannow

I should also add that I know how to change the preffered graphic card for different applications, but this isn't the same as changing it for devices.


Laptop: Lenovo LEGION Y540 (81SX)

Thank you in advance 🙂

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You need to contact Huion support for assistance. Or, contact nvidia for assistance.




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