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How to fix incorrect VRAM


Hi everybody, I hope everyone is OK and fine during this crisis.

Well, I have a bit of a problem I think. I have recentley bought a new ACER Aspire 3 (A315-53-31TV) with 8GB of Ram, 1TB hard drive, with an Intel HD Graphics 620 (1GB of VRAM) and running on Windows 10 X64

Now I know I have 1GB of VRAM. But when I open certain games and when I look into the advanced display I only see 128 mb only, how can I fix it?

I have included pictures to provide more informations.

I hope someone can help me, Thank you so much and stay safe.

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  1. There is VRAM in case that Intel HD Graphics 620 is used. This graphics logic is included in your CPU. The Intel Integrated Graphics uses part of the System RAM (about half of it) and the size is controlled dynamically by the Intel Graphics Driver and Windows. You don't need worry about this. Disregard the 128 MB value, which is only dummy value.
  2. Please read more explanation here.