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I am unable to access the Intel Graphics Control Panel on my Dell Latitude E6540

I am unable to access the Intel Graphics Control Panel on my Dell Latitude E6540. I'm unsure when this happened since I've had no occasion to use the control panel for some time, until today.

The window that opens for screen resolution advanced settings does not have an Intel tab. It has only "Adapter," "Montior," "Troubleshoot," and "Color Management" tabs. Adapter type is Intel(R) Graphics 4600:

Chip Type: Intel HD Graphics Family

DAC Type: Internal

Adapter String: Intel HD Graphics 4600

BIOS Information: Intel Video BIOS

Total Avlbl Graphics Memory: 6352 MB

Dedicated Video Memory: 2560 MG

System Video Memory: 0 MB

Shared System Memory: 3792 MB.

The "Properties" button yields no anomalous info.

There is no error message. The Intel Graphics Control Panel is simply absent.

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Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

Please download the latest graphics driver for the Intel® Graphics 4600 at:

Please try to uninstall the graphics driver first; you can follow the steps to install the driver here:

Note that the driver we have is a generic driver. This is because we provide the hardware to the system manufacturer and they will design and create the drivers specifically for their systems. In the case that the driver is not working properly, I recommend downloading the driver from Dell Site at the following link:

NOTE: This link is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

Please be aware that if your system has a Discrete Graphics installed and also the integrated graphics it is possible that what you're using is the Discrete Graphics and for that reason you will not be able to open the Intel Graphics Control Panel. At this point I strongly recommend contacting your system manufacturer for better assistance.


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