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ICC profiles not working on latest HD 620 drivers, also cannot access Intel Graphics Control Panel

TL; DR: tried about 6 different versions of HD 620 drivers, both OEM and Intel - ICC profiles don't work with any of them, meaning I cannot use Night Light / f.lux




I have a Dell Latitude 7490. I've been using the official 24.20 driver for my HD 620, but I noticed that the Night Light feature in Windows 10 stopped working. I installed f.lux for testing and it did not work either. The I tried changing the monitor colors in Color Management settings. Did not work either.

AFAIK, all of these features use ICC profiles to alter the display colors - I'd assume that the issue is with the Intel drivers having issues with ICC profiles.

When I tried uninstalling the driver and running from Basic Display Adapter, everything worked correctly. Then, I installed an older version of the Dell version of the driver (23.xx something) and the issue persisted. Then, I tried the official Intel version by manually installing the same 23.xx version driver from .zip directly from Intel. Still nothing. Then I tried both the latest and beta versions of the 25.20 drivers (again, directly from Intel, as Dell only offers version 24). Still no ICC profiles.


Here, I also noticed that I cannot open the Intel Graphics Control Panel app from Microsoft Store (When I open it, I get spinning cursor for a moment and then nothing happens).

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asus supplies ICC profiles via splendid software s, contact the dell customer care .

AND many third party softwares bundled with ICC profiles , I have collected 70 ICC profiles from ASUS