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6820hq and HD Graphics 530 can't handle 4k 60fps video

Hello there,


I've searched for the solution for my case over internet but sadly nothing worked.

I did found a post about Asus zenbook pro Ux501 which has intel 530 and followed the instruction there but it seemed not apllicalbe for my trouble.

So, I hope someone here has the solution for my problem.

I have HP zbook studio g3 with HD graphic 530, Quadro m1000m, 6820hq processor, 16gb of ram, 512 gb ssd nvme. It's good specs i think, but it's weird that I can't play Youtube 4k 60fps video smoothly. It's stuttering on Chrome and nearly unable to play on Firefox with 100% loaded processor and about 20% - 30% loaded GPU in task manager. I did download the foresaid video to test locally but VLC and bult in Player of Windows 10 coundn't handle it well either, very laggy.

I think my machine is capable of playing 4k 60fps (it handles normal 4k well), but for now, it can't.

Please help me on this. I attached here my SSU scan information of my notebook.

Thank you so much in advance!!

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according to processor specs with hd 530 specs , 4k @ 60fps must handle . I seen the specification on below site


Did you installed the latest customized certified driver for your HP zbook studio g3 . Some times your problems gets happened because mixing of old drivers with generic drivers.

so I would recommend you to both intel and nvidia uninstall current graphics drivers with associated softwares completely by using revo uninstaller software, then restart the windows .

then reinstall the graphics softwares and again restart the windows


I found the you installed graphics drivers are different from certified driver , found in website