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Intel 11th Gen but no iRIS?

Hello, I got my laptop last year, between 22-23 September 2021. I want to know does i3 1115G4 support iRIS GPU? If it does, then which one? X, Xe, Xe Max or what? And how can I enable iRIS? IGCC, GPU-Z, CPU-Z, everywhere it says Intel UHD but nowhere is mentioned what version. I know there is UHD 630, UHD 650 etc but nothing is shown/mentioned. Even Intel's own product page mentions 11th Gen family UHD only. My laptop don't have the sticker of iRIS Xe or anything but while doing my research I got to see only CPUs with i5 and above have that sticker, such as the 1135G7. But there are some people who say they have exactly my CPU, specs similar to me or exactly my laptop model and they're enjoying iRIS. I don't know what is lie and what is truth. I am very confused on this matter. I tried researching for 1+ year but still nothing can be found throughout the internet, not even today. There is also no YT videos that says if i3 1115G4 supports iRIS or not, or even if it does then why UHD is showing and how to enable iRIS.

My specs-
My Laptop-
HP Laptop PC 15s-FQ2072TU (2D118AV)
Intel Core i3 1115G4
Intel 11th Gen family UHD Graphics
1x8GB 3200MHz RAM
512GB Gen 3.0 NVMe
1080p 60Hz Screen
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Your processor has UHD graphics:


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Thanks AlHill for the quick response. From the day I bought this laptop I knew it will be UHD but a lot of people say every 11th Gen supports it, some people told me they are using iRIS in this same exact CPU and some reviewer websites say it has Intel UHD Xe graphics. So, it's very much full of confusion about is iRIS supported or not? Or maybe there will be some other way to trigger iRIS and not comes by default (maybe that's why no one mentioned)
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