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Intel 4600 Extreme Tuning Utility


Given the link to the screenshot of the intel extreme tuning utility for the graphics core for my sager np8235. As you can see, there are three parameters. The ratio limit goes all the way up to 28.5. What value I should modify it so that I can set the graphics clock rate to 800 MHz instead of 400 MHz while gaming. Also, what changes will I have to make to the graphics voltage and offset parameters?

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Please be aware that setting the processor and its components to values that are not the defined factory settungs, may lead to product damage or shorten its life span, which may voud its warranty. Therefore we do not suggest or support overclocking, tweaking or tuning settings on any given product.

On some specific systems, the option is open for your to use it under your own convenience and under the risks mentioned above.

There are some Performance tuning guides available on our site that you can use as a reference, for this you can refer to this URL: Desktop Boards | Performance tuning guides

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