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Windows 8.1 full version - problem with Intel HD 4000 graphics driver

Hello, few days ago I downloaded Windows 8.1 full version from my DreamSpark Account and I installed it on my notebook. Windows automatically downloaded all required drivers including Intel HD 4000 Graphics Driver:

But I have a big problem: I can't change display brightness on charms -> settings / control panel and power managament. This is a const and I can't change this.. my question is why and what can I do this? I tried re-install Windows and install other driver but I got the message that installed a newer version of the driver:

Who has a same problem?

Another problem is not moving the computer into sleep mode after a certain time, for example after 10 minutes. My screen goes blank but nothing else. My friend has the same problem. Who can talk me how can I fix this?

My notebook model is: Dell XPS 15 l521x

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Thank you for your feedback on this matter. As you may know the driver that has been provided for this operating system, is a beta release.

We have provided an Intel Communities Forum to discuss your experiences with the preview driver program for Window 8.1* Preview here:

Please go ahead and post or find a similar issue on this section.

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