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Intel 4600 & OpenGL

I'm having a tough time getting a program to run that requires OpenGL 3.0 or better to run on my home CPU build. I'm running an E3-1245v3 processor on a Supermicro X10-SLH-F board with C226 chipset. OS is Windows 7 Pro.

Tech specs on the P4600 integrated graphics are that they're supposed to be OpenGL 4.0. Problem seems to be that I'm running OpenGL 1.1. I've got the latest drivers for all my devices. I've reinstalled the Intel drivers too many times. I've had no luck on the Internet finding out how or why when I install the graphics drivers from Intel that I'm not getting an OpenGL packaged installed with them. Anyone have an idea?



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Re: Intel 4600 & OpenGL

Hi kk4554,

I am sorry you are having this problem with your system.

Based on your description, it is important to say that the driver for your system can be provided by the unit manufacture only so I recommend you contacting SuperMicro so they can provide the proper driver for your configuration.

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