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Intel CMAA shader not working, game issues, command center


I'm trying to do the opposite of this video. Making my games look better. I have Asus Zenbook flip 14. It has Intel Xe. Running Windows 11.

For some reason the default Intel graphics control doesn't control games. I had to download this specific program (shown in video) from Microsoft store.

This is what I had on my computer by default. It doesn't alter games in any way (no ability to enable shaders).

I got it, it looked okay. But after adding a profile for my game & altering settings - There are no changes in the actual game. I'm pretty sure a all I had to do was adding game profile, changing what I want (adding CMAA and some sharpening), making sure this altered profile is set as 'active'. Everything done, yet no changes in game. I made screenshots of every value, even exaggerated ones give no result.

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