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Intel® Driver & Support Assistant - How to delete the download cache?


Question: How to delete the download cache of the Driver & Support Asisstant Software (acronym used in the following: D&SA), or rather said how to delete its downloaded driver that I didn't install.


I downloaded this driver:

Intel® Graphics – Windows® 10 & Windows 11* DCH Drivers

Afterall: 551.6 MB in Size.


I couldn't install this driver - the reason is offtopic*.


However I noticed upon trying to install it several times, that the download persists. Even after uninstalling the Driver&Support Assistant Software the download seems to be still there.**

Where do I find this download to delete it?




*: My Machine uses a customized driver apparently, Intel already directed me to the correct website

**: I noticed that still I have this download, because in short: I could press Install  immediatelly (where, see***) when using the D&SA "again" : When first trying. I was repeatedly uninstalling the D&S Assistant (trial and error before finding about *). I wanted to redownload the driver, because I assumed there was a download error.

In Detail: My PC had crashed and when going back to the website it showed 94% download. When reloading the website for the driver download, I couldn't continue the download (error).

After clearing the browser cache it suddenly gave me the option to install (apparently the download was finished somehow). I managed to start the installer. There I noticed that it wouldn't install, so I deinstalled the D&S Assistant, in order to try again. However upon trying to download again, I already got prompted to Install - also there was no download process (the installer started immediatelly). Also worth to mention is that I restarted the PC after  each uninstallation. Thus there was no new download even though I had everything deinstalled, THUS the download is somewhere still. I couldn't find where.


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Clear this folder: C:\ProgramData\Intel\DSA\Downloads.


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Clear this folder: C:\ProgramData\Intel\DSA\Downloads.


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