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Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA) offering Intel® Arc drivers for integrated graphics


We’ve received some reports that IDSA is offering Arc Graphics drivers for systems with 11th Gen Intel processors and newer with no Arc Graphics. Rest assured that 11th Gen and newer integrated graphics are supported by the latest Arc Drivers and the driver will install just fine.

Starting with driver the installation package supports integrated graphics on 11th and 12th generation along with Intel Arc graphics cards thus the suggestion from IDSA is a cosmetic error. The driver can still be installed and should support these devices.

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We have a NUC12 Extreme, just seen this now, is there a reason Intel say this?  I looked at the ARC cards, there not super fast compared with nVidia, so whats the deal? (i have watched the videos, i assume they are trying to push there own "new" video methods)


The A770 ARC is benched marked about 9500, the nidia A4000 is 18000, the Intel burns twice the power as the NVidia A4000 card.


Also does the ARC support Direct X 9, 10, 11 as well as 12?

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Hey Griff:

Im' om a brand new Acer comp with Intel feeding into a brand new Acer 27 inch "tuff gaming" monitor.

When I started all the Intel driver updates it said I could get Arc. So I said 'do it'


I have all 3; Graphics command center,  Driver support assistant and Arc control.

I even have Optane in here.


I realized Arc is really for gamers, not studio. I figured thats the demographic Intel is aiming at.


So I went shopping at my local computer store, compared the 750 aand 770 to everything else on the market. 

AMD can  kick out the same specs for half the price.


Just an example; to show that the Intel is overpriced. Nobody's buying.


But the apps Intel's programmers wrote is absolutely gorgeous. They shut the door on Nvidia and Rdeon.

And nobody at Intel customer and tech support knows knows this.

I tried to tell them and they don't want to listen.


So can we re-title this to "Intel please listen to the customers?"

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Oh PS:  If you bought the NUC 12 Extreme it has Intel's UHD 770 integrated graphics in it.

Thats probably why Intel sent you to ARC. 

It's not a push.

Unless you installed a card in the comp Intel is still running display.

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