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Intel Graphics Cursor Clone Top Left

so i tried setting up Intel quick sync, to lay of some usage on my cpu when livestreaming. but after setting it up i have noticed a clone of my cursor in the top left cornor any idea how to fix it?

I'm using intel HD graphics 4600 on my i5 4670k.

I first downloaded the latest Intel HD Graphics 4600 driver. I then rebooted my pc to the bios and enabled iGPU multi monitor. After boot back to windows 8 I then installed the driver and followed the steps in this tutorial Action! Tutorial - Intel Quick Sync Video on Desktop PC with PCI-E graphics card, I followed until step 10 which is all I needed to do to enable quick sync for livestreaming. Friends of mine have tried the exact same method and it works for them with no cursor clone.

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Re: Intel Graphics Cursor Clone Top Left

Hello EasyTransfer,

I am sorry you are having problems. I noticed you already open a discussion related to the same issue at this link:


We will continue with the assistance on that post.

Kevin M

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