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Intel HD 4600 INTERGRATED graphics card


I. Have recently bought a re furbished desk top,  Dell Optic 3020 SFF 4th Gen.  Quad core i5 4570.

The graphics card is an Intel integrated HD 4600.

When I was installing Windows 10 professional, the screen on my old monitor a Dell U2415 kept flashing.

I eventually installed Windows. I then noticed the screen went black, with a note on the monitor something similar to "No data coming from the cable", I then purchased a new HDD I cable, but  the same message appeared on the screen. The monitor is about 8 to 10 years old.

I have managed to lower some of the settings, but still no luck. I have done a test on the monitor which shows, silver, red, blue and yellow, on the screen.

I have managed to plug in a VIA cable to the computer and an old Samsung monitor and this works but the resolution is only average.

So where do I  go from here, I am now thinking that the graphics card is not suitable for my monitor ?

Or should I purchase a monitor HD, with a smaller screen size, if so are there any monitors which would be compatible with the graphics card?

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