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Intel HD Graphics 4600 color issues


So, I recently decided to upgrade my CPU to an Intel Core i5 (Haswell 4690K, I know it's old but it's still relevant for the basic tasks I do on this old PC) and I have a weird issue with the monitor's colors. When using my Intel Pentium G3220, it's fine, but with the new CPU (which have the same iGPU - Intel HD Graphics 4600), the colors are purple-ish and very ugly, it's totally unusable. It only happens after installing the driver from the official Intel's website (but it also happens with the drivers that are given by Windows Update), when I disable or uninstall it it works like before, but it's of course very slow and laggy.

I currently use the VGA connector as display output but I'll soon switch to DVI to see if it's related to that. I do have an external graphic card and it works very well with it so I suppose the iGPU of the Core i5 might be dead.

It's weird because other than that, it works perfectly and lightweight games run smoothly like if it was accelerated by the iGPU.

Taking a screenshot will not make these colors visible, the problem definitely comes from the PC itself, not Windows. Colors are normal when booting the system (BIOS included).

Anyone has suggestion?

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What is your motherboard/system model number?

Did you check that the i5-4690K is supported by your motherboard bios?

Have you updated your bios?


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Here's a quick resume of the current system config:

Motherboard: B85H3-AM (seems to be a variant of the B85H3-M motherboard from ECS?)

PC Manufacturer: Acer

Model: Veriton M4630G

RAM: Samsung 12gb DDR3 (4 slots used)

Storage: SSD 256gb Omicron

PSU: Keep it as it was before, the well-known crappy 300W PSU which is common to retail PCs. The Core i5 obviously need significantly more power than the Pentium, but it's still sufficient for the moment as components are pretty old.

Of course the BIOS (UEFI) was updated way before I bought the CPU (current version is P21-C1 from 2015 too) it was the latest version released for this computer according to the official website.

The computer was released in 2014/2015 with Windows 7, but is now on Windows 10.

Some website say that this CPU is indeed compatible with the motherboard, and its manual only say that the socket is compatible with Haswell CPUs so I think it is! when the CPU is on the socket, I have the possibility to enable overclocking on the BIOS, does it means that it's confirmed it's compatible?)

The CPU does not seems to be externally damaged and like I said before, the iGPU is totally working except colors.


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I do not see that the i5-4690K is compatible with your board.


It is more than just being socket compatible. It must also be bios compatible.   Yes, it may run without bios support, but you may have problems.


The only other option is to try a better video cable, especially if you are using HDMI.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Thanks! I'll try. For the moment, it's impossible to test with another cable since it's only compatible with DVI, VGA and DP and my monitor is only compatible with HDMI and VGA.

I order a cheap DVI to HDMI adapter last week but it's in China so it'll take a long time to arrive. Even if it does not resolve the problem, the colors will be better than now (everything looks washed-out and already try with HDMI before, the difference is visible).

If the BIOS is definitely not compatible with the CPU, it's always possible to return it and buy another CPU so no problem.

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