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Intel HD Graphics driver no longer detected


Preface: I had a power surge in January that seems to have affected my CPU in some capacity. I haven't been able to use any display ports on my motherboard ever since, even after swapping to a new one. Any display output I get is coming from my GPUs at the moment.


Realization: It finally dawned on me (months later, after lots of troubleshooting) that it's a problem with my processor. Looking at Device Manager in Windows 10, Intel HD Graphics 530 doesn't show up at all, in any capacity. I've tried downloading and installing different drivers from teh official Intel site, but I get two different errors depending which driver I've tried to install (which I have attached to my post) for my given CPU. Either my system doesn't meet minimum requirements, or I get "exit code 8" from the Intel Graphics Driver Installer with an attached log file. And looking at the log file, the Intel Graphics Driver Installer is only detecting my nVidia GPU--there's no sign of any Intel HD graphics drivers anywhere. Intel HD Graphics 530 just isn't being detected anymore. The log and errors are attached to this post.


My specs (at the time of power surge):

Intel Core i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20 GHz (Intel HD Graphics 530)

Raidmax Vampire 700W PSU

TeamGroup Team Dark 8GB DDR4 RAM

EVGA nVidia GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB GPU

Asus z170-K motherboard


The only two pieces of hardware that I've changed since the surge are the motherboard (ASRock z270 Killer sli/ac) and the PSU (Corsair CX-750M 750W). I'm still using the same Intel Core i5-6500 from my computer's initial hardware configuration. I've tried going into the BIOS of my current mobo to see if I could enable the integrated graphics as this forum post suggests, but I don't see any options for that, if the option did exist for my BIOS.


Is there a possibility that this power surge has partially killed my GPU? My PC still functions just fine in other regards, with the exception of not being able to use integrated graphics via the motherboard... which has been an inconvenience, as I use a multi-monitor setup.


Has anyone else had a similar problem before? I'd really appreciate any help/answers.

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Look in the bios of your motherboard and turn on integrated graphics  If not there, reflash your bios.   Still do not see it?  Contact ASUS for support.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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