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Intel HD audio "PC --> Receiver --> TV" thru HDMI and no audio when TV is off

My PC (Core i3 2120, H67) is connected to a receiver with an HDMI cable and the receiver is connected to a TV with another HDMI cable. When the TV is on the Intel HD driver sends audio to the receiver. As soon as TV is off the driver turns off audio signal. Meanwhile I see the PC is showing image with a remote desktop, so the graphics is still working. The issue is the HDMI audio only. Can I solve this problem?

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DIvan19, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support. The reason for this scenario could be related to the TV or receiver. Those components have their own customizations and configurations that were done by the manufacturer of them. From our side, as you mentioned, we can confirm that the Intel® graphics drivers are working properly, but we cannot guarantee that the TV or the receiver have the capabilities to reproduce the sound while the TV is off, even the computer itself have manufacturer customizations as well. As an option, we can test the computer directly attached to the TV and verify if the scenario is the same or even test the computer with a different monitor/TV to confirm that. Besides that, we recommend to contact the manufacturer of each component (Computer, Receiver, TV) for further technical suggestions on this matter. Regards, Alberto R. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation