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Intel HD graphics 530


Hello so i have an gtx 950m and i can display monitor"s with it. Its my intel gpu that does it. I buy an aoc u2879vf monitor, and when i plug the hdmi for the 4k resolution i can't put it at 60hz, its fix it self at 30 hz and its lagging, so the image on the display come and go, and when i pur the resolution at 1980 their is no problem. So i try it to on my tv that its 4k to, but its working with no lag, what i have to do ?

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The CPUs with HD 530 graphics come with HDMI 1.4 and this standard has a bandwidth limitation that only allows 4K at 24-30Hz. There's nothing you can do besides trying display port 1.2 (of course, if both your computer and the monitor have display port 1.2)...

If your computer has Display port 1.2, and the monitor has HDMI 2.0, you may try an adapter DP-to-HDMI... (you need to make sure the adapter is validated to support 4K at 60Hz)


You can check this link to learn more on how to determine Max resolution supported by your CPU

Note: This only refers to the CPU. There are manufacturers (I still don't understand why??) that limit even more the Max resolution supported on their systems... I have seen laptops with HDMI 1.4 ports that are limited to a Max of 1080p 🤔😤


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Hello so firstly thanks for the answer.
Abd i check for the information and its only that only allows 4K at 24-30Hz.
But when i put it at 30hz the image in the screen come and go. What solution can i have ?
And i have an nvidia card but i don't know why i can display the monitor with it ?

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If the image is going to black for a second or two every once in a while, this is usually an indication of a borderline connection issue and can often be the result of not using a quality HDMI cable. Remember the golden rule: You get what you pay for - or don't. The corollary to that is that, if you received the cable with a monitor, if is invariably crap and should be discarded.


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