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Intel HD4000 newest driver problems (

Hello, please help, my language changes to my native on the newest driver, even when my Windows 7 Home Premium (and therefore no Slovak language pack) is in English. Language for non-Unicode program is changed also to English (US), and my region is also changed to United Kingdom. I must use older version of the driver because probably due to this fact, I cannot even use the custom resolution app - it won´t start.

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Re: Intel HD4000 newest driver problems (

Hi MattPaul,

I am sorry you are having problems with this but let me help you.

Please note that the language of the driver or the Graphics Interface will be automatically set depending on the native language of the system.

I do not have clear what do you mean it won't start? Do you mean that when having the latest driver the computer is not loading at all or do you mean the app custom resolution will not come up?

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