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Intel Iris XE Max.... BSODs all the time DCH(


Hi Intel Support Team,

i own a Dell Inspiron 7400 with an Intel Iris Xe Max/Geforce MX350 GPU. My System is crashing all the time with the current Intel DCH driver(Version: I got many different BSODs(DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED,....). I allthough tried different older drivers, but i got the same issue.

If i deactivate the "Intel Iris Xe Graphics" in device-manager, everything runs perfect without BSODs. But if it is deactvated i got sloppy Video playback, cant change my resolution and my 21:9 Monitor is detected as an 16:9 display(connected via HDMI).

I got the issues when i bought this notebook but it was fixed by an Intel driver.

On the release on Windows11 i wanted try it an the problems started again and i´m not able to fix it by myself. I have same issue on Windows 10/11. My notebook is at the moment not useable and i dont find a working driver my system its all the time crashing.

i tried a clean installation with media creater edition tool und the dell recovery tool. Nothing worked, both the same issue.

I contacted Dell, but they say the cant help me, because it is software issue.

i think i have the same issue, like this person ...

What can I do? The solution to deactivate the intel gpu device is not practal because of sloppy videoplayback and it does not recognize my monitor.

Regards saitax

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