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Intel UHD Preventing fallout 4


Intel UHD device is preventing the launch of Fallout 4 and requires me to disable Intel UHD before it will launch. Once it is launched I get extremely poor performance. I have an NVIDIA GTX 2070. Why does Intel UHD prevent the launch of Fallout 4 and why does operating without Intel UHD reduce my performance outcomes?

I posted a previous question but it became locked and therefore I could not respond.

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Likely this is happening because you have installed standard drivers direct from Intel and/or NVIDIA. If custom drivers are necessary to support automatic switching between GFX solutions, loading the (non-customized) standard versions will prevent this feature from working.

I suggest you go back to the latest versions of the drivers that are provided by your laptop vendor. If you need later drivers in order to avoid some particular issue, you need to ask your laptop vendor to produce versions of these later drivers that include their customizations.

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