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Iris Xe Graphics Driver prevents the computer from being reset when it is suspended


I have a HP 15-DY2089MS computer, and I have Problems with Iris Xe Graphics Driver

My disk was damaged and I replaced it and reinstalled Windows 11 and when I activate the Iris Xe Graphics Driver and the computer goes to sleep, it cannot come out of sleep, I have to restart it by cutting the power.

I have already updated the driver to the latest version as show in the following screen
hp suspendida.jpg


and it continues to present the error. If I disable the driver the device recovers from suspension without problem


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Try these steps:

  • Check Power Settings, check if the power settings in Windows 11 are properly configured. Sometimes, incorrect power settings can cause issues with sleep mode. You can adjust these settings by going to Settings > System > Power & sleep.
  • Check if there are any updates available for your computer's BIOS. BIOS updates can sometimes resolve compatibility issues with hardware components.

  • Try resetting the graphics driver settings to their default values. You can usually do this by opening the Intel Graphics Command Center or the Intel Graphics Control Panel and selecting the option to restore default settings.


hope it helps


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