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Iris Xe In-game fps drop caused by CPU Bottleneck (100%)



First of all Sorry for my bad English.


I'm using hp spectre x360 13-aw0214tu laptop.

CPU : i7-1165g7

mem: 8G+8G Dual Channel 4666Mhz freq

Graphic driver versoin : (up-to-date driver also have same problems)

OEM Mode : Performance mode(max for performance)



My laptop has best condition for max performance of iris xe.

and it actually shows me not bad performance for graphic things, but because of cpu bottleneck, fps  frequently dropped.


For example, LostArk(Game of Korea) shows stable performance on i7-1065g7 + Nvidia mx250.

When I'm using i7-1165g7( iris Xe) and if new event happens like game NPC or user showing,

cpu usage Sharply increased to 100% and FPS drop happen.(Average CPU Usage is 20%~25% in normal)

Additionally, in-game loading is too slow than others.


Is there any way to get stable performance?

Can I see It as a CPU's bug? or it just game's problem?






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Hello @Purkk

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


We understand that you have tested with the latest Intel® generic drivers and

Since the driver or software for your Intel® component might have been changed or replaced by the computer manufacturer (OEM) and OEM drivers are handpicked and include customized features and solutions to platform-specific issues, the usual recommendation is to use the OEM driver as the first option.


In this case, we would like to recommend trying a clean install of the graphics driver to see if the behavior is fixed and in order to discard issues related to previous update processes/installations. Please follow these steps:


1- Download the latest HP* driver from this link and save the file on the computer: Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver Rev.A*

2- Disconnect from the internet to make sure the driver will not be automatically updated by Windows.

3- Right-click the Windows Start button. Select Device Manager.

4- Expand the section Display adapters and look for the Intel Graphics entry in Device Manager (e.g.: Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics).

5- Right-click on Intel Graphics and click Uninstall.

6- In the device removal dialog box, check Delete the driver software for this device and click OK.

7- Restart the computer after the uninstallation is complete.

8- Open Device Manager once more.

9- Very Important: Expand the Display Adapter section again:

  • If the graphics entry still displays Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics or similar, repeat steps 5-7.
  • If the graphics entry displays Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, run the previously downloaded Acer file to install the driver.

10- Reboot the computer when prompted.

If the issue persists, you can repeat the process using the latest Intel® generic driver (.exe file) from this link: Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Driver Version: (Latest)


Also, we recommend reviewing the following article for additional steps and we suggest going through the ones that you have not tried yet: How to Correct Drop on FPS (Frames Per Second) and High CPU Usage While Gaming on an Intel Processor.


If the behavior persists, please provide the following information:

1- Is the issue happening only with the Lost Ark* game? Or is it happening with more games? Please provide details:

2- When the FPS drop happens, what is the average FPS value that you get?

3- How do you monitor the CPU usage and FPS? Could you please provide screenshots?

4- Did the system work fine before? If this worked fine before at any moment, were there any recent hardware or software changes that might relate to the point when the issue started? (for instance, Windows®, driver, or game updates?)

5- Please provide detailed step-by-step instructions for replication purposes and if possible, please provide screenshots or a short video showing the behavior and replication steps. Please also include details about the game settings that you have configured for this game.


Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


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Hello Purkk

We are checking this thread and we would like to know if you need further assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us back if you have additional inquiries.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Hello Purkk

We have not heard back from you so we will proceed to close this thread now. If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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