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Lag and fps drops in games



So, as the title says, I have a lot of issues with lag and fps drops in games. The thing is this started since the first day I got this laptop. The most weird case of this fps drop and lag is in minecraft. And of course when I play more heavy games like APEX it is worse. 

I will put a video so you can see (minecraft). Look at the fps at the top right corner when I enter and leave the building. 


My gpu is Intel Iris Xe Graphics



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Hello, @Mateo2


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  


I am sorry to hear what is happening with your Intel Iris Xe Graphics, I will gladly assist you here. 


Please, answer these questions to have a better perspective of this issue and try the following steps: 


  1. Was it working before? If so, when did the issue start to happen? 
  2. Does the issue only happen in Apex and Minecraft or it applies in all games? 
  3. Verify compatibility within the components. 
  4. Verify the games' minimum requirements. 
  5. Visit to check the best recommended settings. 
  6. Install the latest graphics drivers for your GPU. 
  7. Try rolling back the graphics driver to a previous version in case newer drivers are causing the game to crash. 
  8. Confirm that no other heavy workload programs are running in the background while playing. 
    1. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). 
    2. Click the CPU and Memory tabs to check whether anything is using up large chunks of your CPU or RAM (for instance, a web browser with many tabs open). 
  9. Keep the operating system up to date. 
  10. Check with the game developer for the latest patches and updates. 
  11. Third-party applications are available online that should allow you to monitor GPU, CPU, and RAM usage and temperatures while in-game. Let us know the results. 
  12. Repair installations: 
    1. If performance issues in one game are unusually severe, try repairing the installation. In Steam*, you can do so by opening the Library tab. 
    2. Right-click the game. 
    3. Click Properties
    4. Once in the Properties window, click the Local Files tab, and then click Verify Integrity of Game Files
  13. For online Games  
    1. Check the game developer's website for suggested network speed in playing the game. Then check if your network will meet the required speed to play in optimum gameplay. 


Best regards,  

Jocelyn M.   

Intel Customer Support Technician. 

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1. It never worked. 

2. It happens in all games just that in these two is the worst. It even happens in Roblox.

3. Those games are compatible with my specs.

4. All the minimum requirements are met. 

5. It is the same with recommended settings.

6. I have already reinstalled GPU drivers a million times.

7. It is the same. 

8. No heavy programs are running in the backround.

9. The OS is up to date.

10. Updates didn't affect. 

13. Network is fine.


Is their a chance that it is my CPU? It is a i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz

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Hello, @Mateo2


Thank you for your response. 


It might be a possibility, but let's try to troubleshoot the graphics first, then we can verify from the processor side. 


In this case, perform a clean installation of your graphics drivers, using the latest graphics driver


Note #1: Since this is a laptop, we recommend checking with your System Manufacturer and using the driver software provided by them to avoid potential installation incompatibilities. Intel supplies generic versions of Graphics Drivers for general purposes. Computer manufacturers might have changed the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes to the graphics driver software or software packaging. 


Note #2: Make sure to do this step disconnected from the internet (wi-fi or wired connection) since Microsoft updates drivers automatically and prevents doing the clean installation successfully. 


Best regards,  

Jocelyn M.   

Intel Customer Support Technician. 

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