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MP4 playback issues in Powerpoint on Dell XPS - Iris Xe iGPU

Hello, I've been running into an issue with embedded .mp4 videos in Powerpoint slides. When I scrub/click through the video's media playback bar, it will crash Powerpoint. It can happen after 10 clicks in the video's payback bar, or just after 2 clicks. This happens both in slide editing mode and Slideshow mode. I'm using a 2 week old Dell XPS 9520 (i5-12500H, Iris Xe iGPU, 16 GB RAM) (been debugging for 5 days now). At first, I thought this is an Intel Iris Xe driver issue. Why? Because when selecting "Disable Slide Show hardware graphics acceleration" (Options, Advanced, Display), the problem stopped happening, but only in SlideShow mode. The issue would still occur in slide editing mode. Contrary to what I could find online, there was no "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" option (maybe due to the fact I was using Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise (license obtained through my university). I tried uninstalling the "normal" Microsoft Office 365 that came pre-installed with the laptop, but that didn't change anything. At the time of these issues, I had the Intel Iris Xe driver installed. I managed to install the driver, but that didn't work. Then Windows Update installed the driver, yet the issue still persisted. Today, I factory reset my laptop to remove all apps and start fresh to see if I had installed anything that had corrupted Powerpoint or something. After login for the first time, I connected a USB flash drive and opened a Powerpoint file into the free trial of Powerpoint that came with the laptop. And to my surprise, everything was working correctly! I could skip in the video playback bar as many times as I wanted without crashing Powerpoint. Also, both "Disable Slide Show hardware graphics acceleration" and "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" options were available (and not checked). This was Office 365 version 16.0.15128.20246. The Iris Xe driver was installed. And I was on Windows 11 Home, 22H2, build 22621.521 . I uninstalled Office through the "Apps, Installed apps" menu in Windows Settings, then installed Office Enterprise with my university's license (downloaded from after login in with my university account). And now the problem started occurring again. The Office 365 version was now 16.0.15601.20148. I had not installed anything else before installing Office 365 Enterprise, nor have I installed any Windows updates nor any "Dell" updates. So that is my issue. With the build of Office provided by my university's license, Powerpoint is unusable (since I import videos daily to Powerpoint), probably due to an incompatibility between that specific Office build and the Intel Iris Xe driver. Has this issue been previously spotted? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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