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Multiple BSOD failure

Recently my laptop is crashing a lot and showing different BSOD messages: 
Driver overan Stack buffer (It started to appear after the last graphic driver update yesterday)
System service exception (Frequently)
System thread exception not handled (Quite often)
IRQL not less or equal (Sometimes)
Kmode exception not handled (Sometimes)
Memory management (I've seen it only once, after the last driver update)
I've already tried every solution I could find on Windows, intel and dell community and nothing seem to work, including reinstalling the SO maintaining and excluding personal files and updating drivers and install an old version of it. The BSOD's only stop when I disable the intel graphic driver, but I like to play games so I don't want to keep it turned off forever.
The problem started after I changed my HDD (WD10jpvx) for an SSD (wds250g2b0a), so at first, I thought it was a hardware issue and tested it more than once, using several tools. I've also tried to test the RAM memory but they all seem to be ok. 
Laptop Spec -
Model: Dell Inspiron 14 5468  
SO: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language
Version:  10019041 Compilação 19041
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2701 Mhz 2 

Video: Intel HD Graphics 620

Driver versions I've tried: (latest one),,,,,,,

Here's a link to the dumpfiles:
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