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Multiple Monitors

I have a Dell Optiplex 9010 PC I'm trying to set up with 3 monitors. I've done it before (Optiplex 9020, i5-4590S, HD Graphics 4600) but this one has a different processor and Graphics Driver.
Processor: i5-3507S
Intel HD Graphics
Driver Version:
Driver Date: 8/16/2018

I'm using 2 DP cables and 1 VGA. When all 3 are plugged in the 2 DP show up and the 3rd doesnt. If I unplug a DP the VGA will display. Power cycling computer or monitors doesnt work. If I set one of the other monitors to be the main display I can get the 3rd one to turn on and the 1st one to turn off. But never all 3 at once. All 3 monitors are the same model BenQ will display if I swap them to my other Dell. Any ideas?
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This issue has come up before. There is something about the way that Dell configures the VGA connectors in their hardware that creates this limitation.
If you use DisplayPort daisy-chaining or a Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Hub device, you can connect two or three monitors to a single DisplayPort port. Do a search for "MST Hub" on to see examples of the devices available (there are versions with both DisplayPort and HDMI connectors).
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Thank you for your response!
I gave the MST hub a try and didnt have much luck with it. It connects multiole HDMI to a DP cable. With it I was able to get all 3 monitors on, but the 2 connected to the hub are duplicated instead of having 3 continuous monitors. I wasnt able to adjust any settings to change this.
I realized I made a typo in the original post, the processor is a 3570-s, not 3507-s. And I dont know whether there are workarounds, but this particular processor was not on the list of products that support 3 monitors. So I could be out of luck or maybe just need to keep messing with the MST. I'll update later if I find a solution and search the other forums to see if someone else has. Thanks again!
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No, the i5-3570s supports three monitors, so this should be possible.

Presuming that this isn't simple a configuration issue (you have specified that the desktop be extended to both of these displays, right?), this is sounding more like you plugged in a HDMI splitter device than a MST Hub device. Send me full product name for (or better, a link to the product) that you purchased.


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