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My Arc A380 temperature sensor shows 216 celsius degree


My Arc A380 temperature sensor is indicate 216 celcius degree at idle state, while other sensor in taskmgr shows 55 degree though.
I didn't find in forum of such case except for really hot state at 100% load cases.

My system information as follow:
CPU: I3-13100, maximum clock to set as 4GHz.
RAM: DDR5-4800 16GBx2 downclocked to 4GHz to synchronize with CPU, cache and memory.
no other sensitive over/underclock setting modified such as voltage, timing, etc.

GPU: Arc A380, as is setting. No other setting modified. Driver attached in PCH 4.0 x16 (electrically x4)
MB: Asrock LiveMixer UEFI firmware 9.03(last firm), with UEFI secure boot.
Other: Datapath VisionRGB-E2 capture device pcie 1.1 x4 attached in PCIE1 cpu slot
SSD: Samsung 970 EVO attached in CPU M.2 slot (pcie 4.0 x4)

OS: Windows 11 pro 22H2 build 22621.1992

Resizable BAR on
Above 4G decode on
Advanced Error Report disabled.


Anyone seen like this case?

Fortunately, my pc has not yet fried 🙂


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@znpfg wrote:

Anyone seen like this case?


That's a common issue when American developers use Microsoft .NET and ignore the rest of the world.

I guess they confused Fahrenheit with Celsius.



102 degrees Celsius under full load would make sense.



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