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My early 'BayTrail' HD Graphics doesn't have 'customize aspect ratio option'.


Hi all.


This refers to an old Celeron J1800-powered PC (a tiny Dell Inspiron 3050) which is listed as having Intel(R) HD Graphics with no actual number. I understand it's 3rd Gen/Baytrail and one of the first of the Intel(R) HD Graphics, so relatively basic.


The accompanying Graphics Control Panel allows a choice of resolutions but not to 'customise aspect ratio'. The resulting issue is that when it's set to the max res of 1920x1080 - which matches that of my full-HD 1080p TV - the displayed image is slightly too large with the bottom Windows taskbar half missing behind the bezel, along with the 'Close Tab 'X' in the top-right and half the desktop icons down the LH side. The two items are connected via HDMI.


The only way I can get to see the whole desktop is by choosing a lower res such as 1804x1026, but the resulting smaller Desktop image then leaves a wasted black space all around the image.


I have updated everything (including Win10 to 1903 version) and the graphics driver to 27/12/2018 (which is otherwise known as but this newer driver still doesn't include the 'customize aspect ratio' option which I need.


My other PC has HD 530 Graphics and, whilst the Graph Control Panel looks largely similar in appearance, this does have the 'customise aspect ratio' option and this is done via a couple of 'sliders' until the 'desktop' fits the screen nigh-on perfectly; this needed setting to '45' horizontally and 41 vertically to suit another full-HD TV screen.


Is there any way for me to get this 'customise aspect ratio' option on my Graphics driver?


Any suggestions please? Thanks.

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I am also looking for suggestions regarding this. Do let me know as well if you find out something useful 😄