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One of the two DisplayPorts not working

I'm having a problem with a PC that has integrated Intel Graphics 630.
I'm using two monitors on two DisplayPorts via HDMI extenders over Ethernet. After a short circuit in one of the extenders' power adapters, the DisplayPort it was plugged into is no longer working. Windows doesn't detect any monitor attached to it, also when connecting the monitor directly.
I'm just wondering if this is a hardware failure or whether it's not related to the short circuit at all. I find it strange that only one of the ports it not functioning.
Is there anything I could check in Windows to see if it might be a configuration setting?
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Within Windows, unplug the monitor cable, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in. You can then try checking the state in Device Manager and/or using Intel's Graphics Command Center. In either case, I can't think of anything that would get it going again if something is fried.

If the port is fried, there is likely nothing you can do to recover it.

DisplayPort has a capability, called Multi-Stream Transport (MST), that allows a channel's bandwidth to be shared across multiple monitors. If the monitors you are using are 1080p (1920x1080 or lower), a DisplayPort channel can easily support three monitors running at 60Hz. There are two ways that you can connect these monitors. First, if you have a monitor that has a DisplayPort output port as well as an input port, you can connect a second monitor to this output port. The other way is to use an MST Hub. Here are some examples of these hubs: 

Note: examples only; not an endorsement of these products.

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