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Setting HDMI display port priority...


Dear All,

I have Dell XPS 15 9560 which is connected with 2 Display in Extended mode.

1. Connected via HDMI

2. Connected via USB-C

I want the Display is connected with HDMI port that should be the Display#1. However after reboot when both the display is connected the HDMI is becoming Display#2 and USB-C becoming Display#1.

Even I connect the Display with HDMI only that shows Display#1 and after that when I connect the Display with USB-C, the HDMI display is changed to Display#2 instead of Display#1.

In short the display connected with USB-C always becoming Display#1 even the display is also connected with HDMI, and that I am unable to change.

Checked in bios and other settings in Win10, but no luck.

Please suggest if there is any option to change this priority to HDMI port.... 


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Valued Contributor I

Did you try selecting the HDMI-connected display as the main display in windows display settings?

To force a video port to be the primary, I have only seen such an option on BIOS, so, if your system bios is missing such an option, I'm not sure if you can set port priority from windows options (some people out there say they use an app, but I have never tried it since I never needed it, the only time I set port priority, I just used the BIOS option on my pc...)

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