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PSA: You may now add attachments into Discussions

Hello everyone!

We have, as a trial - turned on the ability for registered users to post attachments into Discussion threads. The limit is 15MB.

In order to attach files, make sure you select the "Advanced Editor" option in the top right of your reply window. You will then be presented with an attach file dialogue at the bottom of the reply.

The intent for this change is to allow users to attach files as needed. You may find this feature useful for when you need to post log files, dxdiag's, Intel® Graphics Driver Reports, etc - for review by power-users or Intel® representatives. Previously this was only possible if you uploaded the document to a 3rd party file hosting website, or just copied & pasted walls of text into the chatbox. This should hopefully keep our thread responses shorter and cleaner (thus more productive and effective).


However, keep in mind that this is in fact a trial, and will be shut off at any point in the event of abuse or misuse. It is a service provided by Intel® for the benefit of the Community as a whole - and is not to be used for malicious activity. Any user whom does not follow this rule will have their accounts blocked and the offending posts removed swiftly.


All other things aside, feel free to make use of this feature as it benefits your discussions!


Thanks everyone,



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