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Please abolish Adaptive Brightness, thank you


I am just posting this in the naive hope that Intel will notice this and re-think their useless adaptive brightness.

Dear Intel, I want to tell you something that all of us using an Intel-based laptop are thinking: Finally cancel this **bleep** useless feature that goes by the name of adaptive brightness. There is not a single person in this world that appreciates this idiotic feature. If you turn off auto brightness in your Windows settings, you actually do not want your screen to perform adaptive brightness. Get it? And if you turn on Windows' auto brightness, you still want your screen to perform alterations based on the ambient light, not on how bright the overall image on your screen is. Why on earth would you want your screen to turn even brighter when you're pulling up a white text or Word document and then have it tone down drastically when you for instance open up an Explorer window or a web page in dark mode? Where is the logic in that? Making light things brighter and dark things darker? Who's idea was that? So you can see dark things even worse and on the other hand get blinded by already bright ones? Who the **bleep** made that **bleep** up? That's so unbelievalby dumb und counter intuitive that you just have to be baffled by the stupidity that went into this design. And as if this feature - that literally no one asked for - wasn't already bad enough, you piss people off even harder with these super choppy transitions. Dude, this type of bull**bleep** makes you want to quit using Intel stuff altoghether. If I didn't know a way around it, I would have gone berserk on my laptops a long time ago.

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Hi there, @Walkraut ,

Thank you for your feedback. I apologize if the brightness feature has been an inconvenience. Can you let me know the details of the laptop you're using? I'll provide the information to our Accessibility team. I am not sure if it is an Intel issue or maybe the manufacturer of your laptop but we can certainly investigate it. Would it be ok if I have them contact you privately to understand the specific issues?


Thanks for your input! Kind regards,

Mary T.

Support Community Manager

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