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Problem with Intel HD 2500 drivers on Windows 7


Hey, everybody. In general, the problem is here:

Drivers for built-in graphics are becoming somewhat unclear. When downloading the latest actual from the site Intel computer just after rebooting is not included. 
That is, the inscription "windows loading" appears and then a black screen appears and the computer hangs. It doesn't react to anything and even turns off the button with delay.

In a safe mode of a wind-up always started, thanks to it actually, and it was possible to delete previous versions of drivers.

Downloaded from the website of the motherboard - the same situation.
As a result, I can not remember where, downloaded the drivers that are older than those on the site of the mainland by six months. And the computer starts up normally.

Now, when running various test runs, websites such as this one and some games, the computer also hangs up. Regularities not found.
For two days already, and different assembly of Win10 put, and on the main Win7 also tried different options - the result is the same, or hangs at the entrance, or when you start any processes that require a video card.

I remember once that the computer hangs up when trying to set the "high performance" mode in the "power supply", or rather at the very moment when it was necessary to tick the box, or even "ok", or "apply".

Sometimes I could even play something, but I couldn't find any patterns in the drivers and game launches. 

I'd already changed different settings in the bios and reset them, so it didn't seem like there was any effect.

My system:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor - i5 3570
Motherboard -  Gigabyte GA-Q77M-D2H
RAM - Goodram 120gb SSD
HDD - toshiba 500gb 
Power Supply - Chieftec 450w

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