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Problem with Intel(R) UHD graphics driver, transparent window



I'm using a laptop, to be specific is the model MSI Modern 15 a10ras. It all works fine, but the Intel UHD controller. Some windows take a while to charge their color and they have a problematic "transparent look" because the driver is not working properly. The laptop also has an Nvidia MX330, but it is not the problem as when I uninstall the Intel(R) UHD graphics driver the whole problem disappears.

I can't uninstall it successfully though as when I restart Windows 10, the driver has reinstalled magically and the problem remains there.

I've tried to install other drivers, but then the UHD driver comes back and the problem does within. 

Here's a picture where you can see the problem, when I clicked the windows center it turns transparent as there's a video in the back: 

Please if you have any idea of what is going on or about how to solve it, just tell me. It is very annoying as it happens with other applications too.

PD: I've tried blocking automatic updates for drivers, but it keeps reinstalling when I restart the system.

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Since this is a laptop with dual graphics, you should be using *only* the drivers provided by your laptop vendor. When you install drivers from the Intel/AMD/Nvidia sites, in addition to opening yourself to incorrect updates via Windows Update, you are installing drivers that are without the vendor's customizations and incorrect operation can occur.
Hope this helps,
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