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Problems of graphics drivers with compatibility for display port



I have an intel irisXe with an i7-12700K processor and an Arc 770 Graphics Card. The monitor worked well with the HDMIs on the motherboard and  Arc 770 Graphics Card but blurred with the all Display ports on both devices.

I have tried:

  • Testing different versions of graphics drivers in Windows 10(21H2) and Windows 11(22H2).
  • Using a different display port cable.
  • Disconnecting all other peripheral devices and booting with just the cable and mainframe computer charger plugged in.

I have found:

  • Monitor did not blurred when turning on HDR display or using Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.
  • After installing the version of driver for UHD 770, monitor did not blurred with the Display ports on the motherboard.

My question is, will future drivers resolve the problem with Display ports?  My current driver is the version and the latest version at the moment is I would appreciate if I could be given some advice as to what should I do.


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Hello zkx1202, 

Thanks for sharing your issue in the Intel communities. I want to understand what is causing this behavior just as much as you do. 

1. How many monitors are you using on your computer? This is just for me to have a better view of your environment.

2. Is the issue present when you use two Display ports at the same time in the Arc GPU? And, does that issue disappears when the HDMI is connected to the board and the Display Port in the Arc GPU? I just want to make sure that I am understanding correctly your issue.

3. If possible test the latest graphics driver ( Just to make sure if this behavior is also present with this version. Make sure to use the "clean install" option.


Deivid A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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