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Screen flickerings when using meeting platforms - ASUS TUF GAMING FX504 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630


Hello everyone,


Sometimes when I use meeting apps or platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams it happens to me to have screen flickerings. What I mean is that suddenly on my screen appear red flickering lines. This is not the only problem, but sometimes also my screen blacks out. Every time I face these out I try to put my laptop on sleep mode and to turn it on after that. For the most part, this solves the problem.  I mention that I've bought this laptop about a year and 3 months ago and the first problem I encountered consists in the fact that the screen blacked out, without getting back. I solved that problem with a forced shutdown. After that my laptop worked very well for a period of time. I also want to emphasize that I've recently checked my driver updates with Intel Driver & Support Assistant and the drivers for Intel Graphics are up to date. 

I would be quite grateful if you could tell me what kind of problem could be, a hardware problem or a software one and what should I do in this case in order to work this out?


Thank you for your time. I'm looking forward to your reply. 

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IDSA is not always up to date. Let's verify you have the latest:

I would add, however, that if the drivers have been modified by ASUS to support switching between active graphics engines and/or to support additional laptop hardware features (brightness/focus dials, etc.), installing 'raw' drivers using IDSA or straight from the Intel, NVIDIA or AMD download sites could result in improper operation and/or features not working. You should be using the drivers provided on the ASUS site. If these drivers exhibit an issue, you should contact ASUS to provide you with a newer version that has their customizations.

Hope this helps,


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HI I have exactly the same issue, especially with moonitor connected via HDMI, did You figured out how to fix this problem? 

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